PUSH Video Wallpaper

PUSH Video Wallpaper

PUSH Video Wallpaper is a powerful wallpaper manager that enables you to set videos, animated GIFs, or YouTube clips as your desktop background, providing your computer with a dynamic and personalized appearance.

Moreover, PUSH Video Wallpaper functions as a video screensaver, allowing you to enjoy your favorite videos on your lock screen.

Version 5.1.34     22MB

Available for Windows 11,10,8.1


Video wallpapers bring your desktop to life, offering a range of themes from calm natural landscapes to captivating abstract art or clips from your favorite movies.


You can choose videos from your own collection or search online, supporting various video formats. The software is designed to run smoothly in the background without slowing down your system.


Customize your desktop to fit your mood. A serene beach video can soothe you during a stressful workday, while a lively animation can boost your spirits.